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5 Indicators You Need a Termite Inspection

God made all creatures – big and small, but termites are hardier and better organized than most. They are related to the cockroach family rather than the "white ants" as they are generally called. The fact that their reach stretches across all continents except Antarctica is a testament to their resilience and adaptability to most adverse conditions.

Termites are tenacious pests that can cause unending misery, expense, and destruction to your property.

Since you would like to avoid their proximal acquaintance, you may want to look out for the following signs. These signs will let you know that they are in the neighborhood. It is advisable to reach out to professionals before they entrench themselves in the long run.

The tell-tale signs to watch out for

It may be that you are already living with these inconspicuous invaders, whether they are the dry-wood or subterranean type. Keep a lookout for the following rather than repent at leisure.

1. Airborne arrival of the troops

Termites swarm as mature adults leave their colonies to form new ones. This usually happens during Spring and Fall. The variation depends on the subspecies and favorable weather conditions.

These “swarmers” fly into the vicinity and leave behind their delicate and dainty wings all over the place. These wings may resemble fish-scales too.

2. Settling into the neighborhood

The well-organized insects create transportation channels or tubes to commute between the colony and the source of food. The channel is usually wood. On the foundations of your property, small tubes may appear. The tubes made of soil, dirt, are patiently cemented together with their saliva. These tubes not only keep in the moisture but also keep the colony members safe from predators during their commute.

3. Faecal matter

The innocuous granular droppings that look like dry dirt. This is technically called ‘Frass”.They tend to leave small piles of their refuse, which seem rough and granular, about the coarseness of salt & pepper. Small mounds may be formed of this matter – indicating the proximity of a nest or feeding area. Look out for this sign to know if there are termites around.

4. Dry wood termites

Living in warmer climates, these insects colonize the wood and start burrowing intricate mazes of subterranean passages within it. This results in the paneling or timber starting to sound a bit hollow. Termites are not, in any way, prejudiced against either wood paneling, walls, or furniture and would attack any source of food with equal gusto. When doors and windows become just a wee bit tighter.

The paint may start peeling and may resemble mere water seepage. Often the paint may be seen to ‘bubble’ and usually thought to be water damage. Yet this dampness is the handwork of these critters.You may also find small pinpoint holes in the walls or laminate, below which you may find their faecal matter

Wooden floorboards and laminate tiles also tend to buckle once these critters have got a hold in them. You may also find the floorboard getting squeakier or damp.Parts constructed from wood start to crumble or tend to show maze-like designs on them.

5. Subterranean termites

These termites are master tunnel builders made from whatever direct and ejected material is available. They enter the property right from the foundation or structural cracks and then spread quickly.When walls are gently banged or tapped, a discerning ear may be able to hear mud falling inside. These are the colonies that have successfully made dirt on your walls!

Also, when you see the ‘white ants’ in the flesh! By this time, you need to summon the heavy artillery at the soonest in the form of professional and licensed terminators.

Any procrastination at your end may cause you to repent at leisure. Pay heed; termites are one of the most resilient pests known and ought not to be taken lightly. Call Radar Pest Control for advice.

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